Trustee Board – Pastor Anthony Davis

The Trustee Board provides stewardship oversight and direction for all of the resources that God has so faithfully provided to Mount Nebo for its use.  These would include, but not be limited to, all financial, property, personnel, and membership resources.  This oversight committee will strive to maximize and protect the use of these resources.  This committee will also serve as the corporate officers of Mount Nebo.

Church Clerk – Vacant

The Church Clerk is an elected individual officer of the church who is responsible for keeping accurate records of all Mt. Nebo Church meetings, writing the official correspondence of the church, and maintaining the membership roll in good order.

 Financial Secretary – Sister Tabitha Aiken/Sister Juanita Sanders

The Finance Secretary counsels, guides, and directs the staff and church in the judicious use and management of all financial resources of Mount Nebo and all of its integrated ministries.  It ensures that adequate internal financial controls are in place to safeguard the church’s financial resources and to protect the reputation of the staff and Mount Nebo, maintaining the integrity of Mount Nebo’s finances is the ultimate mission of the Finance Committee.