Sanctuary newIn 1965, a group of devout Christians, finding a need for a Baptist Church in the area, assembled in the home of Sister Richardson at 1112 Del Monte Street, Salinas, California. After much prayer, divine guidance, and consultation with neighboring brethren and churches, a council was called to consider the matter. Deacon Frank Edmond, Sister Olivia Powell, Sister Richardson, Deacon and Sister Miller, Brother and Sister Robertson, and Brother and Sister Green, after several meetings sought divine guidance.

 Sanctuary-revised 12On the 9th of June 1965, the Reverend Gosby E. Hooks along with the above-mentioned persons present, called a council. On that date, the Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church of San Jose, California, pastored at the time by the Reverend J.D. Houston, officially designated a Mission. The Reverend Gosby E. Hooks was selected as the first pastor. With energetic, consecrated leadership, Mount Nebo began aspiring toward greater things.

 The Lord added to the church and a larger building was needed for worship service. The pastor, along with church membership obtained a larger building located at 537 Alisal Street. Services were held there until 1967. The church grew both spiritually, and in membership. So much so, that the Pastor and Elders decided to purchase property, this is the current site of Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church. Under the able leadership of Pastor Hooks, the first church building was purchased at 563 Roosevelt Street, Salinas, California.

 Reverend Hooks gave Mount Nebo eight years of untiring, selfless service, and will always be remembered as our first pastor. He served with distinction until March of 1973, resigning and moving his pastoralship to Pacific Grove, California, to become the pastor of Community Baptist Church.

 On June 28, 1973, the Reverend Willie B. White, an Associate Minister of Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church of San Jose, California, was called to pastor Mount Nebo. On July 1, 1973, Reverend White accepted the call. Through his inspired leadership, a building permit was granted and on August 19, 1975 the foundation of a new church was laid. On the second Sunday in November 1975, opening services were held in the new building. Reverend White gave Mount Nebo nine years of faithful, dedicated service. He tendered his letter of resignation in December 1982.

 Old Sanctuary12March 1983, Reverend Al Davis, an Associate Minister of Mount Nebo was called as her third pastor. Reverend Davis accepted the call and was installed in May 1983. During Pastor Davis’ leadership the church has grown. Ministers have been licensed and ordained to preach, deacons have been ordained. The church purchased vehicles and implemented a Bus Ministry. Souls have been saved, people have been baptized and two Spanish Churches have been planted out of Mt. Nebo. The Lord truly blessed this church during the thirty-three years of leadership.  In November, 2015, Reverend Davis announced his plans to retire on April 30, 2016. His service to the Lord and to the church will forever be remembered.

 On May 15, 2016, Elder Anthony Davis, an associate minister, was called as her fourth pastor. As we begin this new chapter in the life of our Church, we anxiously look forward to what the Lord has for us.

  May God continue to speak to us through His word.