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Our Vision

We exalt the Savior by recognizing and honoring His teachings, life, and significance in the Christian faith. We engage in personal and corporate worship, prayer, and spiritual practices centered around Jesus Christ. Exalting Jesus Christ is at the heart of the Christian faith, and it involves a lifelong commitment to following Him, honoring His teachings, and sharing His message of love and redemption with the world.

We evangelize the city by sharing the message of the Gospel and demonstrating the love of Christ to the people within the community. We engage in various forms of community outreach to meet tangible needs and serve the marginalized and vulnerable populations within the city. This might include volunteering at shelters, organizing food drives, providing educational resources, or participating in neighborhood cleanup efforts.

We educate the mind by nurturing the spiritual dimension of individuals alongside their intellectual growth and development. We embrace the process of spiritual formation and discipleship as an ongoing journey of growth, transformation, and alignment with the values and teachings of Biblical faith educating ourselves to the practices of humility, surrendering, and obedience to God’s will.