Deacon Board Chairman – Deacon Henry Jones

The deacon’s principle function is to glorify God by supporting the purpose and work of God in and through Mt. Nebo.  The general mission of a deacon is to carry out those administrative and ministry needs that free the elders and ministerial staff to giving their full attention to praying, teaching, preaching, equipping and giving oversight to leadership and shepherding matters of the body.

Deacons are the servant-ministers of the Church.  Their purpose is to relieve the elders of the multitude of practical duties of caring for the flock.  No specific, ongoing deacon roles are mentioned in Scripture, probably because service needs change, and so the role of the deacon must remain flexible.  Perhaps this is why qualifications for deacons are stressed in Scripture rather than specific tasks.  Deacons are to give their primary attention toward caring for the congregation’s physical welfare.  Deacons have the honor of modeling, for the local Church and the lost world, God’s compassion, kindness, mercy, and love.  As the Church compassionately cares for people’s needs, the world sees a visible display of Christ’s love, which will draw some people to the Savior.  Deacons are to be an example of commitment, unity, and harmony in their service.